Miracle Noodles – Review

13 Jun

My Miracle Noodles (see prev. post) have arrived so far have been tried with a tomato & veg sauce (Italian) and in a thai coconut soup. I have been warned that they would smell fishy when you open the packet, which they did, but that`s why you wash them thoroughly before you`ll cook them for only one minute and then they`re ready to eat, absolutely and odourless. And tasteless, too, on their own.

Their consistency is okay. A bit hard and chewy, but personally, I like chewy things as they encourage you to, er, chew properly. Made from a sea algae, they are void of carbs and extremely low in kcals (slight difference depending on brand), but they don`t feel at all like a diet food.

They are not the cheapest (again, difference depending on brand) but I suppose it all depends on what you would have instead. When I started low-carbing at night I omitted pasta and had only the sauce, usually with “tagliatelle” made from carrots or courgettes with an asparagus peeler (can be eaten raw or cooked). I can highly recommend those for health as well as taste, but ever so often, I, too, want to eat “proper” pasta, and I`m glad I now can. I`ve still got three packages yet and will definitely order them again, but because of their price, I will probably use them sparingly and continue to make my carrot/courgette “pasta” most times.

Apart from weight and blood sugar control, remember that this is a very nice product for people who do not toleratea lot of fibre, as in IBS and some other GI conditions.


Miracle Noodles

28 Apr

I`ve just ordered some s”miracle noodles” on amazon. I became aware of this low cal, almost zero carb noodle through researching IBS for an assignment and, as a low carber, became extremely interested. They are supposed to be hyperallergenic as well.

I was particularly pleased about the option of “subscribing” to regular deliveries at a reduced price. I`ve started with 6 packets every 3 months and shall report…

the Milkshake survey

4 Apr

Yesterday, I had my first KFC Krusher, and I made it Strawberry Shortcake.  A colleague had recommended it, and I loved the McDonald`s version ever since I discovered it as a child.

I saw the guy making it: he first filled my cup with the white milk shake substance, then ladled strawberry syrup onto this and then presumably added crushed shortcake and mixed everything. I was disappointed when I was handed the shake, as it was not that thick, and apart from pieces of shortcake, I also saw pieces of ice.

The straw I was given was very thick to accommodated the crunchy biscuit pieces. I must admit that I was apprehensive now, which might have coloured the experience of actually trying. Well, I must admit that I didn`t like it at all. The liquid was too liquid, the strawberry flavour artificial, and the pieces (which presumably are its selling point) I found rather irritating, although quite decent in number.

I quickly made up my mind not to buy here again and stick to my old favourite from McDonalds, but it did inspire me to do some research on the net and compare the two (plus Burger King) nutritionally:

Strawberry Milkshake

                               McDonalds                         Burger King            KFC

size                            medium                                   medium                      one size

kcal                           380                                            436                               387

protein (g)              9                                                11                                     6.3

carbs (g)                  67                                             77                                  62.3

sugar (g)                  62                                               70                                 42.3

fat (g)                        7                                                9                                      13.2

saturated fat (g)    5                                                6                                       7

fibre (g)                     none                                        trace                             not given

salt (g)                      0.4                                             0.3                                   0.3


Milk shake comparison

I think it`ll also inspire me to try making my own of which I will blog in due course, once I`ve found my favourite.

yoghurt muffins

30 Jan

Ingredients1 egg, 1 cup natural yoghurt, 1 cup sugar, 1.5 cup flour, 0.5 cups ground almonds and coconut, 1/3 cup rapeseed (or other plant) oil, 1 small tin apricots, 1 tbsp baking powder

Instructions: Mix all ingredients apart from the fruit and fill dough into muffin tins. Distribute fruit on top and bake about 30 min at 180 Degrees. (if you prick the muffins no dough should stick to the fork.)

This recipe is quick, easy and all ingredients are usually in my cupboard. It`s high in good quality protein from the yoghurt and almonds, and I make it even healthier by using wholemeal flour. They also freeze well – I brought them to work from frozen, and they got me loads of compliments! Enjoy!

May Contain Nuts!

2 Jan

Welcome to “May Contain Nuts”.

I like to eat well, and I am an aspiring nutritional therapist. I want to be a food blogger, and I want to write about health. “May Contain Nuts” aims to combine both these aspirations.

I believe in eating well, wholesomely and, if possible, cooked from scratch (although, admittedly, I don`t always do so). I work full time and don`t want to spend hours in the kitchen. My recipes are simple and uncomplicated and my ingredients fresh, seasonal and mostly vegetarian. I have a few favorites which always work, but I also like to try new things.

I enjoy the sensual pleasure of food and firmly believe in eating – and omitting! – for health.


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