the Milkshake survey

4 Apr

Yesterday, I had my first KFC Krusher, and I made it Strawberry Shortcake.  A colleague had recommended it, and I loved the McDonald`s version ever since I discovered it as a child.

I saw the guy making it: he first filled my cup with the white milk shake substance, then ladled strawberry syrup onto this and then presumably added crushed shortcake and mixed everything. I was disappointed when I was handed the shake, as it was not that thick, and apart from pieces of shortcake, I also saw pieces of ice.

The straw I was given was very thick to accommodated the crunchy biscuit pieces. I must admit that I was apprehensive now, which might have coloured the experience of actually trying. Well, I must admit that I didn`t like it at all. The liquid was too liquid, the strawberry flavour artificial, and the pieces (which presumably are its selling point) I found rather irritating, although quite decent in number.

I quickly made up my mind not to buy here again and stick to my old favourite from McDonalds, but it did inspire me to do some research on the net and compare the two (plus Burger King) nutritionally:

Strawberry Milkshake

                               McDonalds                         Burger King            KFC

size                            medium                                   medium                      one size

kcal                           380                                            436                               387

protein (g)              9                                                11                                     6.3

carbs (g)                  67                                             77                                  62.3

sugar (g)                  62                                               70                                 42.3

fat (g)                        7                                                9                                      13.2

saturated fat (g)    5                                                6                                       7

fibre (g)                     none                                        trace                             not given

salt (g)                      0.4                                             0.3                                   0.3


Milk shake comparison

I think it`ll also inspire me to try making my own of which I will blog in due course, once I`ve found my favourite.


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