Simply aubergines

5 Mar


… and tomato sauce and basil, oregano, Mozzarella and Parmesan. ..


Simply rice noodles

5 Mar


… and just tofu,  chili, spring onions and toasted sesame sauce…


Sweet :-)

29 Jan

Roast Beetroot and Sweet Potato Salad

5 Jan

Roast Beetroot and Sweet Potato Salad

This salad was inspired by something I frequently Order at Earthy Foodmarket Cafe, Edinburgh, and I must admit, it came really close and is, in my humble opinion, about the best product which emerged from my own kitchen in ages:

1. Parboil and dice an equal amount of beetroot and sweet potatoes, cover in just enough vegetable oil (not extra virgin!) to coat thinly and put under the grill until soft – about 60 min.
2. do the same with red onions (not many needed for this recipe!) – will take just under 30 min.
3. while still warm, mix the beetroot/sweet potatoes with red onions (not much needed), as many raisins as you like (not too many, not too few – I don`t like to give quantities…) and loads of fresh parsley.
4. add a generous amount of Dukkah (Egyptian spice mixture) and a more carefully chosen amount of Nigella seeds (I used about 3/4 tsp for a large tray)

Salad is better the next day, at room temperature, with any robust tasting dishes



5 Jan


1. dice a few organic peppers, toss in as much vegetable oil (not extra virgin!) to coat them thinly and grill until they just start to turn brown (approx. 40 min)
2. do the same with a tray of red onions, separately (takes just under 30 min.)
3. mix while still warm, add a small handful of raisins (to taste), balsamic vinegar (don`t skimp!) and tiny bit of oregano (careful! I took 1/2 tsp for a large tray) and cumin (careful! I took 1/2 tsp for a large tray). What? Yes, cumin with oregano and balsamic vinegar. It gives a nice warm note to this salad.

Peperonata tastes best the day after it`s made, at room temperature. Great with grilled meat or other robust dishes, or even as a condiment in a sandwich.


Lemon and pink grapefruit juice, freshly pressed

17 Aug


Cucumber water

3 Aug


So simple,  so good. .. No, do try it. ..


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